The main events

Gay Games – Paris 2018

The 10th edition of the Gay Games will take place in the Île-de-France region. 15,000 participants from more than 70 countries and more than 40,000 spectators from the whole world are expected. This event is open to all, without any selection whatsoever, with no distinction made as regards age, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, heath or disability and with no minimum expected standard of athletic performance.

Backed by the highest institutional and sports bodies, Paris 18 is preparing an original sports event celebrating diversity, respect, equality, solidarity and sharing, through a dense sports programme spanning 36 disciplines, a vast cultural program with 14 events, a round of conferences and many ceremonies and parties.

Since their creation in the United States in 1982, the Gay Games represent a world event dedicated to inclusion and the respect of diversity.

On 16 May 2016, MAKOTO obtained the agreement of the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Artists Members (IAGLMA) to present the Judo competition at the Gay Games of Paris in 2018.

Tournoi International de Paris

The Tournoi International de Paris (TIP) is a major LGBT sporting event created in 2004. The TIP promotes the respectful practice of sport without discrimination around tournaments, matches or demonstrations, organised in the capital by a team of voluntary sportspeople of the FSGL (Fédération Sportive Gaies et Lesbienne) and its member associations.

Open to all, the event gathers every year more than 2300 from all over the workd around close to 30 disciplines, under the banner of tolerance and friendliness. On the pitches, changing rooms and in everyday life, we fight against all forms of discriminations, whether related to sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ethnic origin, religion, HIV status, fitness level …

In short…this is THE MAKOTO weekend par excellence during which we share a weekend of sport with our friends of Paris-Lutte, Paname Boxing Club (PBC) and Niji-Kan Karate-Do..
Through workshops you will be able to discover disciplines which you do not ordinarily practice; wrestling, karate, boxing, jujitsu…
A closing evening is organised at the end of the weekend with a scheduled dance show to which MAKOTO takes part, alongside the boxers of PBC.

Pink Power

Inspired by the 5th Gay Games of 1998 held in Amsterdam, Munich has welcomed for the first time in 1999 an LGBT sport weekend dedicated to martial arts entitled Pink Power.

The following year the idea was taken up again by the Paris Karate association Niji-Kan. Since then, the Pink Power has been travelling to various European cities each year.

In 2003, the Pink Power was converted to a mixed martial arts events.
In 2017, the Pink power was held in London on 14 and 15 October. In 2018, it will take place in Paris, alongside the Gay Games.