Our activities


Training sessions are centered on learning standing judo techniques (Tachi waza) and ground techniques (Ne waza)..

Literally « the gentle way’, this sport was created as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy by Jigoro Kano in 1882.
It is generally categorised as a modern martial art which has then evolved into a combat sport and an Olympic sport.
Judo is characterised by its competitive dimension whose objective is either to throw, or to bring the opponent to the ground to immobilise him, or to force him to concede through joint locks and strangles.

Also, as part of training sessions, kata preparation : a succession of codified moves mimicking a fight and
constituting a technical demonstration.


Bushido is a Japanese word meaning literally the way of the warrior.
The Bushido has inspired the code of honour of sports such as judo.
Judo carries fundamental values which mesh with each other to constitute a moral training.
The respect of this code is the premier condition, the foundation of the practice of judo.



Friendship: it is the purest of human feelings
Courage: it is doing what is fair
Truthfulness: it is expressing oneself without disguising one’s thoughts
Honour: it is showing respect for the word given
Modesty: it is speaking about oneself without pride
Respect: without respect, no trust can emerge
Self-control: it is knowing how to keep quiet when anger is rising
Politeness: it is the respect of other people